K.Le Da’Vincci Website Re-Opens

After a year on a hiatus, K.Le Da’Vincci returns more focused on production than ever before. Despite releasing 9 albums and 27 singles between March – May of 2018 by securing his distribution deal for his own record label, “.Wav Squad Network / Records”, Da’Vincci had abruptly placed his career on pause after his father suffered from a stroke, causing him to step away from the music scene all together July 4, 2018 ironically, “Independence Day”.

“Behind the scenes, real life continues.” says Da’Vincci. “I had completely quit pursuing music in totality, and automatically became my father’s caregiver. Raised as an only child, I couldn’t depend on some big elaborate family of brothers, sisters, and overwhelming cousins to rush to his aid. So music had to stop. I sold my studio equipment, got a job to support both of my parents to add to the list of supplies needed to become a “successful” musician in this business. The most recent stroke he had was his 3rd, and it took a real effect on him, and he’s just now showing signs of who he used to be though he is not the same at all. That’s not even including the everyday struggle of life in the entertainment industry, co-parenting through the judicial system, or just the basics of rent, lights, gas, water, etc. so something had to give.”

Though K.Le DaVincci took a 10 month leave of absence from his passion of music, he couldn’t find it in his heart to just leave the game alone. “I found myself doing more research about the business of music than I ever had done before, it was the only thing I COULD do. At one point and time I had no pieces of musical equipment at all. I was reduced to recording myself beat boxing with my mouth on my iPhone just to jot down ideas for songs in the future, and doing what I call “FreeBars” in my truck (rapping on other peoples beats on instagram or youtube) just to keep my skills sharp because I couldn’t produce anything at all. Deep down I knew I wouldn’t quit, but the pressures of life, if not organized properly, can and will catch up with you. So I took the time to formulate, and re-structure my plans to place myself in better or the best situations possible. First order of business was of course to get my website back on and popping. So here we are.”

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