Listen to K.Le Da’Vincci’s Remix of Roxanne Shante’s 1992 diss track, “Big Mama”.

Roxanne Shante – Big Mama {Produced By K.Le Da’Vincci} a 1992 Remix in 2018.

Two nights ago Da’Vincci watched “Roxanne Roxanne”.

Roxanne Roxanne, portrays the early 1980s, where the most feared battle MC in Queens, New York, was a fierce teenage girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders. At the age of 14, Lolita “Roxanne Shanté” Gooden was well on her way to becoming a hip-hop legend as she hustled to provide for her family while defending herself from the dangers of the streets of the Queensbridge Projects in NYC.

Inspired by her [Roxanne Shante] story, Da’Vincci instantly began digging for lost vocals to create the remix posted here today…

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