Friday 3/2/18 K.Le Da’Vincci released the first of nine projects scheduled for release this year titled “The Fate of Kazpale”.
All music was produced by K.Le Da’Vincci recorded exactly 15 years ago, back in 2003.

“Releasing music was way harder 15 years ago than today, especially for indie artist such as myself.
However with a distribution deal I now have the ability to release music whenever I wish and that’s important to me,
especially when I can write, produce, record, mix and master a whole album in 9 Days or less as I’ve proven before.” says K.Le Da’Vincci.

“I don’t care about the money, I care about simply getting the music out.
That was the only goal at the time of scheduling the release dates of all these projects.
The music collecting dust in my terabyte hard drive won’t make nearly the same amount of money released to the public.
The difference is having the ability to put the music out and giving somebody, anybody, one body, an opportunity to stumble across
a tune they may actually like! That’s -MY- success. Not the money, not the flashing lights and fame.
I care about the general art of creating music, specifically DIFFERENT music.

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I’m releasing all the projects in chronological order.
“The Fate of Kazpale” was my first time EVER going to a professional studio, using their instruments and set up with limited funds and exchanging beats for studio time & production, versus
“The End of the Fate” being the first time -> I RECORDED MYSELF <- in a DIFFERENT professional studio, with -> My OWN <- instruments while learning the recording process of Pro-Tools in less than 15 days. The difference is sonically obvious though listeners will have to wait a week, before fully understanding and having all the data to make a complete observation.

In regards to making “CURRENT” music, I find it’s a possibility that I may very soon begin working on an OFFICIAL ALBUM,
one that I can place my entire heart and soul into. Before, I was recording music as just a hobby musician. I took my hobby serious though, but only as a hobby.
The distribution deal that I have today, plus visually seeing what all goes behind the scenes to make an album become successful,
is the difference for me and I’m excited about that.

If I pick some fans up along the way, cool. Just know “I LOVE YOU ALL”, in advance,
but that was not my intention to begin with.”

K.Le Da’Vincci’s – “End of the Fate” is due for release Friday 3.9.18
All music is written, recorded, mixed and mastered by K.Le Da’Vincci.

Following the release of K.Le Da’Vincci’s “The Fate of Kazpale” E.P.,
Monday 3/5/18 K.Le Da’Vincci will release the first of four singles from his “End of the Fate” album titled “Drip Sweat”.


Following the release of K.Le Da’Vincci’s “Drip Sweat”,
Tuesday 3/6/18 K.Le Da’Vincci will release the second of four singles from his “End of the Fate” album titled “To The Floor”.


Following the release of K.Le Da’Vincci’s “To The Floor”,
Wednesday 3/7/18 K.Le Da’Vincci will release the third of four singles from his “End of the Fate” album titled “Talk That Talk” .


Thursday 3/8/18 K.Le Da’Vincci will release the fourth of four singles from his “End of the Fate” album titled “Memphis Bound”.


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