Lately K.Le Da’Vincci has been quiet while working on several new projects.
Every Friday beginning March 2nd, 2018 Da’Vincci will release an E.P. or an album every week during March and April.

Having re-structured his distribution deal,
Da’Vincci will take full advantage of being an indie artist and producer,
with a full lineup of 28 singles throughout the 2 month time period.

The first single “Can I get Close to You” featuring Jonnie Mack, a former member of the local Memphis rap group “X-Camp”, now spreaker podcast host,
and vocalist Young L.C. of “Sweat the Trac” productions will be released March 1st, kicking off K.Le Da’Vincci’s consecutive releases.

Other singles include Santerria, Kame Guru, and Jordan Gardiner for the month of March,
while other features from Miiz Gudda and Jamal Whitlow take a different approach
while adding spice to Memphis’ underground sound during the month of April.

27 of the 28 singles due for release are all produced by K.Le DaVincci
with the exception of “What It Do” which was produced by Jordan Gardiner who is featured on the hook.
Remarkably, every other song is written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by K.Le DaVincci.
No further word on music video releases as of yet, while rumors have began to swarm about a
possible performance this year by the underground ghost, K.Le Da’Vincci.


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