On March 6, 2018, K.le Da’Vincci went live on Facebook from his personal account to make beats and productions for the upcoming compilation,
“Who’s Hungry, Vol. 1”. The compilation was initially an idea to help local Memphian’s gain exposure, by giving away
30 Free Beats to 30 Artist, along with 1 hour of Studio time to record, along gaining Free mixing, mastering, distribution and slight promo.
To be apart of the compilation, viewers only had to submit their emails to any video being made at the time of the initial announcement.
After the emails began to pour in, Da’Vincci later announced that he had more than enough artist to complete the compilation, and that he would move into the next phase for those artist that have submitted.

Many speculated disbelief in Da’Vincci’s ability to produce all the materials needed to make the compilation dream come true.
K.Le later pointed out that his independent record label “.Wav Squad Network” does have a distribution deal, as he was scheduled for 9 album releases
this year thus far, making the compilation the 10th release if all goes according to plan.
Check out K.Le DaVincci below producing as beat #5 struck fire with 4000 views.

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